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Angular - Basics for the PWA Training (e401A)

This training introduces Angular and TypeScript. It is meant as a pre-requisite training for developers who wish to attend the PWA-training but have little to no experience with Angular and the such. Also people who, at best, work only occasionally with Angular and TypeScript can also benefit from this training. Although there is much more with regards to that, this training introduces terms, principles and patterns used exactly in the same way in the PWA. Among other topics we cover:

Angular / TypeScript basics
Types and Variables
Components (representational components and data components)
Lazy Loading
State Handling

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  • Intro (1 min)
  • Before we begin...
  • Introduction
  • Brief Introduction (2 mins)
  • Terms and Tools (3 mins)
  • Summary (1 min)
  • Types, Varaibles, Routing, Lazy Loading
  • Sample App (4 mins)
  • Structures, Classes etc. (3 mins)
  • Modules, Components, Lazy Loading (10 mins)
  • Variables and Content (7 mins)
  • Functions and Data Binding (3 mins)
  • REST Call (7 mins)
  • Summary (1 min)
  • State Handling
  • State Handling, Actions, Reducers (13 mins)
  • Extending Actions, Action Creators, Reducers (6 mins)
  • Store Handling and Entities (8 mins)
  • Selectors and Adapters (9 mins)
  • Usage of Selectors (6 mins)
  • JSON server as external data source (8 mins)
  • Effects (12 mins)
  • Outro (1 min)
  • Plants-App Sample Code
  • Task List
  • Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 1 year